Public forum: Save the hills of Penang 12 December 2015

The people of Penang grow more concerned and more uncomfortable with each passing week as we view the continuing destruction of our beloved hills.

Issues of mudslides, pollution of water catchment areas, loss of forests and threats to life and homes are cause for us all to be very worried. Given the inadequate infrastructure, poor control and monitoring, problems caused to neighbouring residents and the growing degradation of our Penang environment, let us get together to find out more about Why? Where? Who? What can we do about it?

Organised by Penang Forum
Dewan Sri Pinang, Ground Floor

12 December 2015 (Saturday)
1.30pm – 5.30pm


1.30pm – Registration

2.00pm – Why are we here today? Dato Dr Sharom Ahmat

2.10pm – What is happening to our hills?  Dato Dr Leong Yueh Kwong, Dr Kam Suan Pheng & Ahmad Chik

2.40pm – Are our hills being protected by the government? –  Ir KK Lim

3.00pm – Q & A   Moderator : Laurence Loh

3.30pm – Botak Hill & Others: Does anyone really know what is happening? Anil Netto

4.00pm – Hill offenders: Fine? Jail? Nothing? Dato Agatha Foo and Mohideen Abdul Kadir

4.30pm – What can we do? Moderator: Ahmad Chik

5.30pm – End

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One reply on “Public forum: Save the hills of Penang 12 December 2015”

Thank-you for organizing the Save the Hills of Penang Forum. The speakers in the panel were excellent and their presentations were relevant and engaging. The group of citizens who attended were well-informed, engaged, respectful, and made valid points and intelligent questions. The forum was indeed so good, that we went overtime, and this caused the most important part of the forum -where we discussed solutions- to be cut short.
I do hope that we can capture this drive and momentum towards taking action and saving our hills before it dissipates. I suggest we can do this by collating all the emails of the attendees and having them subscribe to the proposed website and perhaps a monthly newsletter with updates on the developments on the hills of Penang and actions we can take.
Through the website, we can set up online petitions which can be shared by various Internet means and social media, and help serve to expand our membership and gain support. With the ability to spread the news of the destruction of our hills far and wide, we can grow our membership and support, and become a colossal force for governments and developers to contend with.

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