Penang Forum 6: Reclaiming our streets – Towards sustainable transport

We are pleased to invite you for a forum co-organised by Penang Forum and the Working Group on Public Transport.

public transport seminar

The forum seeks to understand the public’s needs on public transport towards a liveable city and sustainable development.

The forum is part of the effort to stimulate a nation-wide campaign to advocate for policy change both at national and state level.

Reclaiming our streets: Towards SUSTAINABLE transport
DATE : 14 September 2013
TIME : 2.00pm – 6:00pm
VENUE : Caring Society Complex

2.00pm – Registration

2.30 – Keynote address by Chow Kon Yow – Vision of the Penang state government on public transport
2.45 – Keynote address by Gurmit Singh, Cetdem

3.00 – Panel of speakers
(1) Alternative vision for public transport – Dr Jeyakumar Deveraj, MP for Sungai Siput
(2) Problems faced by persons with disabilities – Khu Li Fang, wheelchair bus user
(3) Transport issues in Penang – Lim Thean Heng, Penang Forum
Three perspectives:
a) Necessity to put in place road network in favour of public transport
b) Role of implementation authorities, namely MPPP, MPSP and JKR, KPIs and Spad
c) Planning at the state level to ensure integration with transportation and political will

3.45 – Coffee break

4.00 – Q & A

5.00 – Closing and summary of follow-up action

Admission: RM5 (Students and senior citizens free)

We look forward to discuss this important issue with you.

Kindly fill up our online registration form. For any enquiries, please contact Chon Kai 019-5669518.

Penang Forum & Working Group on Public Transport

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