Penang Hills Watch (PHW)

Penang Hills Watch (PHW) is an initiative by Penang Forum to provide a platform which keeps watch on activities affecting the hills of Penang. It also intends to rope in the public to report on hill clearing activities which they come across.

When this information is collated and seen on the Penang Hills Watch page, it would give a holistic picture of the scale and extent of clearing activities in our hills. Penang Forum sincerely hopes that Penang Hills Watch would be a medium through which it can channel information concerning hill clearing which it obtains from received reports, to the state authorities. It is also hoped that the information which is posted up will be able to complement the effort of the state government in addressing hill clearing issues.

A comprehensive step by step instruction video on how to make reports through Penang Hills Watch is available at this link

Instruction on how to view information through Penang Hills Watch can be seen in the following link

Our brochures are downloadable in PDF format as shown below
PHW Guide Part 1
PHW Guide Part 2

Enjoy using the Penang Hills Watch (PHW) page!

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