MPPP puts high-density applications on hold

The president of the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP), Patahiyah Ismail, called for a meeting with representatives of Penang Forum to discuss the Plan of Action put forward at Penang Forum 5.

The meeting was held on 18 October 2012 at the MPPP office in Komtar.

Higher density of 87 units/acre

The MPPP president confirmed that MPPP has put on hold applications for density of 87 units which have not yet been approved. 

Rationale: the draft Local Plan had recommended that the 87 units be only for projects located at transit nodes. As there is uncertainty over the location of these transit nodes – especially since the proposed monorail and PORR projects in the draft Local Plan have been shelved – the higher density of 87 units has been put on hold. The higher density should now be considered together with the Transport Master Plan, which is being finalised.

(Realistically, we are not out of the woods yet because the developers are lobbying members of the state government to pressurise MPPP to reverse this decision. We, members of the public, must step up the pressure because MPPP’s recommendation to the State Planning Committee is pending a final decision.

Meanwhile, residents affected by high-rise projects in the pipeline have to be vigilant and look out for the notices of objection. They have to hold meetings to study the plans and put in objections if needed.


We complained to the MPPP about the rivers in Lembah Permai and the one next to 1 Tanjung and Penang Swimming Club being filled up by developers.

Dato YDP promised to call for a meeting with JPS, JKR, DO and Penang Forum reps to resolve these issues. She also asked her Engineering Department head to monitor the situation at these two places.

As for the rest of the eight points, we need to lobby YB Chow and YB Wong Hon Wai to address the issues we have raised. We are waiting for a date from Chow’s office for such a meeting and we are trying to get a meeting with YB Wong. Will keep you all informed.

Penang Forum Steering Committee

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MPPP should revert many sub-urban area roads to 2 way flow, especially those in residential areas. Although the rationale is to alleviate congestion, it has brought little benefit, instead create more problems, dangers and inconvenience.
1) residential areas are not meant for flow through traffic. one way street attracts lorries, buses to cut through, endangering pedestrians, cyclists, bringing noise & exhaust pollution, damages roads.
2) one way streets force residents to take circuitous routes back / out, contributing to congestions in outer roads
3) one way streets attract illegal kerbside parking as there is more room to manouver / park

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