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The Hills and the Sea: Scant regard for ecosystem

The above is the short documentary film by Andrew Ng, which won a grant award from the Freedom Film Fest last year. Talking about this film is guest contributor and research scientist Dr Kam Suan Pheng of Penang Forum: I…

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Saga (Riddle) of the RM1bn compensation: Lay out the facts

According to a recent headline news item, the Penang chief minister claims that if the motion is carried through, the state government may have to pay compensation of RM1bn and could be bankrupted.

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Penang land reclamation: Why the present EIA process alone is unsatisfactory

In Penang Forum’s statement (27 November 2015) on the Umno land reclamation motion, we reiterated that the public has every right to know, and the State has every obligation to provide accurate and full information on major issues like massive…

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