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24 residents’ groups issue wake-up call to resolve Penang’s flood problems

Alarmed by the impact of the recent floods that hit Penang on 15 September 2017, several residents associations and community representatives have gathered together to make a collective call to the state government of Penang and their elected representatives to,…

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Penang floods: Stop further hill and tree cutting and over development

Sahabat Alam Malaysia and the Consumers’ Association of Penang are alarmed by the massive flash floods that hit Penang both on the island and the mainland following intense downpours throughout the early morning of Friday, 15 September 2017.

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Penang Hills Watch highlights 12 hill-clearings in second report to state government

The Penang Hills Watch (PHW) initiative of Penang Forum (PF) submitted its second report on hill-clearing cases in Penang to the state government on 3 April 2017 in which 12 observations made by the public were highlighted.

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