Sungai Kelian & Sungai Kechil Technical Report


A study was conducted in June–October 2019 on two river systems in Tanjung Bungah, Penang. This study is an integral part of a river awareness project aimed at increasing public awareness and understanding of the importance of rivers to our lives. To gain this understanding in the local context it is necessary to know the rivers within the area of interest.

Map 1: Sungai Kelian-Sungai Kechil river systems.


The purpose of the study was to map and document the river systems and how changes in the surrounding land use affect the nature of the rivers and local residents’ perception of them.

The study covered the following aspects:

  1. Mapping the river systems and their changes based on information gathered from old maps, satellite imagery, drone videos and field checks;
  2. Field survey of the flora, with focus on the natural habitats on the hills;
  3. Documentation of the changes in land and river use and in the condition of the rivers based on interviews conducted with PBAPP and local residents;
  4. Survey and documentat on of river water quality and associated pollution sources; and
  5. Identification of issues and opportunities for improving the conditions of the rivers in Tanjung Bungah

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