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Penang Hills Watch collates information gathered from cases of hill clearing that it receives, analyzes them and makes recommendations before compiling these as reports. They are called the Penang Hills Watch Reports. They are then sent to the State Government and the Local Government (MBPP and MPSP) for action.

All our reports are downloadable and free for usage. Reports which are downloadable here are accompanied with the official responses we’ve received from the State.

While PHW strives to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no warranty of any kind about the completeness or suitability of the information here for any purpose. Any reliance on our information is done strictly at your own risk.

1. Penang Hills Watch Report 2016
Response from MBPP to 2016 Report

2. Penang Hills Watch Report 2017 Quarter 1
Response from MBPP

3. Penang Hills Watch Report 2017 Quarter 2
Response from MPSP

4. Penang Hills Watch Report 2018
Response from MBPP
Response from MPSP

5. Penang Hills Watch Observation of PTPR 2019

6. Water channel leak in Hill behind Leader Garden Condominium (Slopes of Carla’s Peak) July 2019