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Penang Hills Watch: Tracking hill clearing activity in Penang – Ushahidi

By Angela Oduor Lungati,Mar 28, 2017 Penang Hills Watch (PHW) is an initiative by the Penang Forum (PF), a coalition of NGOs and individuals, to keep tabs on activities affecting Penang’s hills. Penang is a highly urbanized and densely populated state in the northern region of Malaysia. Years of human activity has reduced its forests to just 7.4…

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Penang Forum discusses its Penang Hills Watch Report 2016 with state government – Aliran

The Penang Hills Watch (PHW) initiative of Penang Forum (PF) has submitted its maiden report on hill-clearing cases in Penang to the state government. The report, submitted on 2 January 2017, covers cases and complaints that PHW has tracked over the past few months. Last week, Penang Forum, State Executive Councillor for Local Government, Traffic Management and Environment YB…

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