About Us

Penang Hills Watch (PHW) is a citizens-oriented initiative by Penang Forum to provide an information platform for keeping watch on activities affecting the hills of Penang.

The main objectives of the PHW initiative are to:
• Involve the public in reporting hill clearing activities in Penang;
• Enhance public awareness about hill clearing issues and impacts;
• Foster civil society participation in information sharing and exchange with government agencies relating to hill clearing issues.

Watch our launch video here (Credits: The Star TV)

PHW has established an online repository of mapped information on hill clearing activities collected through crowd-sourcing from the public as well as official records obtained from relevant government agencies. Such information is systematically documented and made publicly accessible to make people aware about hill clearing issues and impacts and the need for safeguarding what remains of the forested hills of Penang for future generations. These mapped information are periodically sent to the Penang State Government for action.

PHW engages with and seeks assistance from relevant government departments and municipal councils in this initiative as it is in line with the Penang State’s Policy for a Greener Penang.
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