Water channel leak in Hill behind Leader Garden Condominium

Penang Hills Watch (PHW), would like to bring attention to a burst water channel which was noted by hikers in the hilly area behind Taman Leader Condominium 1.

We were alerted to a burst underground water channel that was detected on the hill ridge line right behind the Taman Leader Condominum. The site borders a large disused quarry, where the remnant of a stream flows out of the slope as a waterfall.

The location of this burst underground water channel is 5°27’43.46″N , 100°16’31.96″E. The location is inside the forest and it takes a; 25-30 minute hike to reach. Please refer to the attached file for an overview as well as the attached video taken by the hikers at that location.

Please refer to the PDF file attached below for images taken at the location.

We hope that prompt action will be taken, especially in light of the probable dangers to the slope and communities below the site.