Penang Forum

Hill restoration and conservation

CIvil society groups and individuals in Penang have endorsed a joint statement calling for stronger action to be taken to protect the hills of Penang. Read More


Bukit Relau hill-top destruction: Penang Forum writes to MPPP

The destruction of the Bukit Relau hill-top is not the first time such “in-the-face” flouting of planning laws has occurred. There is a breakdown in the monitoring and enforcement process in the Council. To prevent a recurrence of this, the Penang Forum Steering Committee now demands that a thorough inquiry be made by an independent committee (majority consisting of outsiders) of the internal and external failures of the procedures in the Council that led to this incident. Read More

Hill development or hill destruction in Penang: No more business as usual

Lim Mah Hui has expressed grave concern about the destruction of hill-land for property development in full view of the authorities. Read More