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Penang Forum requests site visit to inspect Bukit Relau degradation

Penang Forum (PF) would like to commend YB Chow Kon Yeow for his full disclosure on the actions taken by MPPP against the two landowners responsible for the illegal clearing and destruction of Bukit Relau (The Malay Mail Online, 6 January 2014).

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Penang Forum supports measures to cool property prices

The Steering Committee of the Penang Forum welcomes and supports the recent announcement by the Penang State Government to introduce new measures to cool the escalation of house prices in recent years. Read More

Proposed cable car system – Response by Penang Forum

The Local Plan (LP)

Any appraisal of the SAP must be done with reference to and within the context of the Bukit Bendera Local Plan (1992 – 2005), which, though past the use-by date, is still the legally binding planning document for Penang Hill. Read More