Penang Forum

State proposals for cable car linking Penang Hill, Botanic Garden and Telok Bahang

It is with great concern and trepidation that Penang Forum wishes to issue a statement about the proposed cable car link announced in the press today. Read More

Debunking the Penang transport masterplan ‘spin’

Why is the state ignoring hard scientific evidence and still opting to bulldoze through the excessive highway constructions at all costs, asks Roger Teoh. Read More

Is the PTMP a violation of social equity?

This piece is by Roger Teoh, a postgraduate student studying for a PhD at the Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College London:

The link between transport policy and social equity is often an important issue left undiscussed in the developing world. This article attempts to provide a fresh perspective, analysing the element of social equity in the proposed Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP). Read More