Penang Forum

Penang floods: Understanding causes, seeking solutions

Exactly one week before the floods on 4-5 November, Dr Kam Suan Pheng of Penang Forum made this informative presentation at the Penang Forum 8: Dialogue on Flood on 29 October. She looked at revealing rainfall patterns and flood hot spots and discussed the various causes of floods and what could be done about each of these causes. Read More


The flooding and landslide disasters on 4-5 November 2017 in Penang

Figure 1: Intellicast wind flow pattern over Southeast Asia for 4 Nov 2017

Penang Forum deeply empathises with the suffering that many Penangites and Kedahans have had to endure over the unprecedented flash flood and landslide mishaps that happened over the weekend of 4-5 November 2017. Read More

Stop short-sighted urban planning; improve flood resilience, says TBRA

The Tanjung Bunga Residents’ Association (TBRA) is once again calling for the state to halt all short-sighted and patchy urban planning that continues to cause more flooded homes, uprooted trees, and power cuts, making travel inconvenient. Read More