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Send your feedback on the Penang Hill Draft Special Area Plan (RKKBB 2020)

If you are concerned with the cable car proposal for Penang Hill, the new method of calculating the Carrying Capacity as well as want several other issues to be addressed in the Penang Hill Draft SAP, sending your feedback to PLAN Malaysia is VERY important.

This submission of feedback closes on the 28th of January 2021 We have made the process easier with this draft form which you could use to send your Objections and Proposals.

Here is a 5 step guide you need to do.
1.  Download the form BORANG BANTAHAN AWAM DRAF RKKBB 2020. This draft form describes some of the concerns on the Penang Hill Draft Special Area Plan (RKKBB 2020).

2.  Fill in your name, address and other details.

3. These are some of the issues that are of concern to Penang Hills Watch. You may choose to highlight some or all of the issues that you would like to raise or object to, and to express them in your own words. You may also add other issues that concern you.

4. Make this document a PDF.

5. Send it using your email to (Please do include a short line introducing yourself in this email.) And you are DONE!

P.S. Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Siasatan Tempatan Dan Pendengaran Awam (JSTPA) refers to the planned public hearing session with all those who send feedback on the Penang Hill SAP (RKKBB 2020). You can choose to attend  or not to attend.

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We only have Penang hill as the Green and the nature . Pls preserve this as our most valuable asset for ourselves and future generations. Ging Kong as advanced development place also preserved Dai Yi Shan

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