Penang Forum has been given the mandate to place 2 representatives in the local council of MBPP and MPSP.

  • Dr. Lim Mah Hui
    Dr. Lim Mah Hui has a PhD in economics and sociology. He taught at the University of Malaya and later at Temple University in the USA. He then workedin several major international banks in New York city, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Manila After he left banking, he returned to Malaysia and has devoted his […]
  • Cameron Kang
    Cameron was appointed as councillor to represent Penang Forum in Seberang Perai City Council in 2018-2019 term. He served in Traffic and Infrastructure committee as well as Public Public Transport committee where micro-mobility and public transport is in his agenda. He also started MBSP’s annual wetlands days school outreach to educate our future generations the […]
  • Tan Choo Eng
    Tan Choo Eng, 60, completed his schooling in Penang. StudiedPolymer Science & Technology at University of Manchester, UK,and obtained a BSc (Hons) and later a MSc from Queen’sUniversity Belfast, UK.His past and present employment and experience includes; as afactory manager, construction manager, professional studiophotographer and part-time nature guide. He is the Penang branch chairman of […]